Shinin’ Bright brings smile to PM’s face

(Cay Focus Photography)

Every prime minister deserves a lighter moment and PM Philip ‘Brave’ Davis was treated to one with the presentation of a poetic treatise on the Bahamian spirit by Shayne Davis.

The four-page soliloquy takes a hard and highly humorous look at the resilience and sometimes hypocritical style of Bahamians but always in the end a people who know their value. Davis said he was inspired to write the poem on the 54th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s death which “brought back all the memories and emotions of his passion for the betterment of all under-appreciated people.” He dedicated the poem called Shinin’ Bright to those who question their value in today’s Bahamas, reinforcing MLK’s message that regardless of station or status, ‘We are somebody.’

Some who have read it think it should be put to music for the official song of the 50th Anniversary of Independence.

Davis, Shayne that is, describes himself as a frustrated scientist. After a successful career in finance, he now dedicates himself to serving the less fortunate and dabbling in poetry, a hobby he calls his latest distraction.