A male student at Anatol Rodgers High School became the victim of a stabbing during a fight on the school campus. Police were called to the school where Police Press Liaison, Chief Superintendent Chrislyn Skippings, spoke to the media. She said, “its reported that the incident occurred at the rear of the campus on the junior side of the property, which resulted in a 14 year old male student being stabbed multiple times. The student was taken to hospital.”

The suspect escaped by scaling the walls of the school evading the school’s police resource officer. Chief Superintendent Skippings said, “we do know the suspect in this particular incident and at this time I make an appeal to the parents of the suspect to turn your child in to the Police so that we can resolve this matter swiftly.”

Chief Superintendent Skippings encouraged parents to check the bags of their children before dropping them off at school.