Residents on the small island of Sweetings Cay are calling for a school to be built on the island.

Former educator at Sweetings Cay All Age School, Pandora Bethel said, “you should have a school in a community, the community should not be without a school. Right now you don’t have too many people here working but with the community and the government and other entities I think we need to get a school, if only one building.”

Bethel further opined that “even though you may not have the number of children now going to school you should have a school in a community.”

Janet Feaster, another resident of Sweetings Cay, spoke to the difficulty of traveling to and from school for the island’s children. She said, “they have to get up like say what five o’ clock in the morning to take a boat to go to McLean’s Town to go into Freeport.”

Residents also believe that the presence of an on island school may entice more students to come back home.