Traffic Infractions


Officers of the Traffic Division of the Royal Bahamas Police Force are concerned about the amount of violations by motorists. Five thousand tickets have been issued for various infractions for this year thus far.

Chief Superintendent David Lockhart, head of the Traffic Division spoke about the various infractions that officers have seen on the streets. He said, “we also have some of these heavy trucks have bypassed the muffler and put a straight pipe and they’re making a very loud and annoying sound. We are ticketing those persons for that, your exhaust should make no noise.”

Lockhart also spoke about the use of cell phones while operating a vehicle. He said, “persons forget there is a law for use of cell phones while driving a vehicle. We’re reporting those persons. Those are $500 offence. So if you should be found on a cell phone while driving a vehicle you can find yourself before the court and you can be made to pay $500.

Chief Superintendent Lockhart said that hands-free is the way to do and that motorists should use hands-free adapters or earpieces.