A seminar was held at the National Training Agency on the topic of Trafficking In Persons Prevention. The event was attended by girls from various community groups. The keynote address was delivered by wife of the Prime Minister, Mrs. Ann Marie Davis.

Mrs. Davis told attendees, “we have to do more to respond to the cries for justice by our women and girls who suffered violence. We have to combine our efforts to put an immediate end to these horrendous abuses and the nonchalant attitudes that allow these human rights violations to continue.”

Event Organizer, Superintendent Indira Belle spoke to ZNS News on the sidelines of the event. She said, “simple as their online activities, you know, a lot of children go in these chat rooms, they put up their age or traffickers use those platforms to befriend them. You know, they would use the personal information that is online and you know they know their friends and their habits by the things that they post so that is something that they would use to befriend them. So what they say, lure them into becoming their friend and then after that there is exploitation.”