The Jubilee Cathedral has distributed twenty thousand slippers to those in need on the island of Grand Bahama.

Bishop Godfrey Williams says after a twenty one day fast, he wanted to give back to his community in a special way. He told ZNS News, “I was like I want to do something. I want to put something back in the community. And by and large all of this was made possible, I had a call, within 24 hours after it came in my thoughts, I had a call twenty four hours later from my friends in the US. They’re names are Ron and Diane Cacciatore, they are the ones who are responsible for this great donation to me to do the distribution.”

Bishop Williams says that more donations are to come stating, “we have some ten thousand pairs of sneakers just for women. and I purposely done it that way and then we will look at the men. But we are so excited today that we are to put a slippers on every person feet who needs one.”