Unrest continues at Thelma Gibson Primary School as teachers refuse to work with current school principal, Olivia Daxon. It is alleged that Daxon was in a physical altercation with a teacher at the school in September.

President of the Bahamas Union of Teachers spoke to ZNS News on the matter stating, “there was a series of meetings and intervention by the Department of Labour. However, the thirty five list of complaints gathered by the shop steward, they have not yet been addressed. But Mrs. Daxon has been returned to the school after about a week and two days of administrative leave.”

Wilson is asking that resolution be brought to this issue as a standoff between teachers and the school’s principal is hindering the education of students. Wilson said, “we had teachers who called in. We had administrators who called in. There’s been no instructional time on that school campus for the past two to three days. We are calling upon the Minister of Education to ensure that this matter is addressed satisfactorily so that teachers can get on with teaching and students can get on with learning.”