2023/24 Budget Debate: Small Home Repair


The Minister of State for Social Services and Urban Development addressed the government’s small home repair program while delivering her contribution to the 2023/24 budget debate in the House of Assembly on Wednesday.

The Hon. Lisa Rahming said, “to date we have repaired some 380 homes in total including New Providence, Grand Bahama, our family of islands, Abaco, Bimini, Cat Island and Exuma. Why this is a success story for me is because the FNM had completed, so they say, 536 in five years. We have only done this for a few months.”

The Minister of State also explained how the program works. She said, “we have now went in talks and negotiated with Kelly’s Lumber Yard, FYP, and 21st Century where it’s going to be proportionately shared among those persons because we’re all about empowering our locals. The materials would be able to be collected there. Of course, only on instructions and of course contractors would have to produce their ID and all the information will be a those various locations being manned by an individual. And where we get to pay the contractors a fixed fee, a fixed fee of $2,000 to complete the homes in two weeks.”