Pre-election Report Debt Debate


In 2021, shortly after assuming office, Prime Minister Davis said the previous Minnis administration had neglected to report $1 billion in liabilities in its pre-election economic report. The subject was raised once again in the House of Assembly on Thursday which led to a debate between Prime Minister, the Hon. Philip Davis and Leader of the Opposition, the Hon. Michael Pintard who contended that the report included everything is should have.

Citing the report Davis said, “on page 7 of the report, based on the information provided by the Ministry of Finance with subsequent adjustments the unbudgeted obligations as of October 14th, 2021 total $821 million dollars ($821,520,320.61) which comprise that following amounts, and they list it. And then they said that in addition there is also an addition sum of 167 which adds it up to 989 thereabouts right. That sum was not in the report.”

Responding to the Prime Minister, Pintard said, “arrears and payable are required to be reported that’s what our understanding was, all the senior officials finance and former policy makers. What was not required were the contracts that was signed in Ministry of Works that has not yet been completed. What was not required, Madam Speaker, is the invoicing that has not even arrived to government yet. What was not required is the $167 million was not due until 2022, Madam Speaker. So I’m saying all of these items listed on page 7, all of these items listed were not required as a part of the report.”