Five students at the LN Coakley High School on the island of Exuma have tested positive for COVID-19. The Minister of Health and Wellness was questioned on the matter by members of the media outside of Cabinet this week.

The Hon. Michael Darville said, “the cluster is presently under control and so now its just basically to go into the community, for those who are a part of the surveillance team, to do some additional assessments and hopefully, if there’s one or two individuals who’ve been exposed to be brought into the quarantine mechanism and we will resolve this issue.”

Darville further stated, “the surveillance team will determine where the foci or the focus of the infection came from and an analysis will be done. We’ve done it hundreds of times before and this is no different. It’s a small cluster and we need to be very careful to sensitize the community to create panic. Clusters will happen of COVID-19. COVID-19 is still in the country. We have cases of COVID-19 but there’s no need for panic because clusters will happen.”