General Manager of the Water and Sewerage Corporation, Robert Deal spoke to ZNS News about the new devise the Corporation is using to detect leaks.

Deal explained, “this devise, it generally pinpoints the general area of the leak and then they come in and deploy a human who will then come out and physically confirm that the leak is present. But the AI devise, of course, is gonna help us tremendously in terms of improving our efficiency and our leak detection and thereby reducing our non revenue water here in New Providence.”

The deployment of the new devise is in partnership with Miya Bahamas. Rohan Thomas of Miya Bahamas said that 600 of the water leak detection devises have been deployed. “It has produced 76 areas of interest of which 20 have been confirmed leaks. These initial results, we started basically from the last week in September, these results to current, to date, suggests and indicates that this technology is working.”