A two mile stretch of road in Central Andros from Andros Town to Berring Point is receiving much needed repairs. During this process motorists can expect some discomfort. Willie Simmons of Apex Pavers, the company carrying out the works, explained what can be expected. He said, “its very tedious but we have proper traffic management in place to alleviate some of that traffic. The road will remain open, we’ll have single lane traffic as the paving is progressing.”

Work is also set to begin on the Fresh Creek Bridge. The cost of the project is approximately $5.3 million. Member of Parliament for South and Central Andros, the Hon. Leon Lundy spoke about the new look and future practicality of the new bridge, he said, “…the bridge is actually going to be a two lane bridge now. Because, of course, you know its a one lane bridge where you have to stop and allow a car to come across if they’re on the other side. But its going to be a two lane bridge and most importantly, its actually going to be raised about thirty feet, allowing boats to commute back and forth underneath it, which will be real good for some of the boaters.”