Anticipated Autopsy This Week After Queen College Head Boy’s Tragic Passing


by DeVonte Hanna – News Content Manager

An autopsy for 17-year-old Dario Rahming Jr. is expected to be carried out this week as per standard procedures, according to health officials from Princess Margaret Hospital.

Rahming, the Head Boy at Queen’s College (QC), collapsed shortly after 10 in the morning on Saturday on the school’s Village Road campus during basketball practice and later died in the hospital.

Managing Director of the Public Hospital Authority, Aubynette Rolle, revealed that Rahming’s remains will likely be officially identified today by a next of kin due to his death occurring on Saturday.

“Normally, the next of kin will come and [identify] the body, along with the police on that Monday morning, and then the pathologist will normally move to do the autopsy thereafter, as it would be considered a coroner’s case because it was a sudden death,” she told ZNS News.

According to QC Principal Rev. Henry Knowles, Rahming was reportedly sitting down when everything happened, but Knowles assured that all emergency protocols were followed in the wake of the teen collapsing.

Principal Knowles said Rahming was rushed to the school’s clinic: “A lot of our staff are emergency CPR trained, and they were there.”

“One of our nurses was on campus; she was outside with a sports event and was able to be right there in place,” he added.

Knowles recounted the ambulance arrived at the school’s campus in record time but assured that the staff did everything they could to prevent the teen’s passing.

QC’s campus is typically busy on Saturdays as students and staff convene for tutoring sessions, sports, and auxiliary meetings, Rev. Knowles said.

The shocking death of the promising teen filled the campus with grief on Saturday, and he was described by QC Leadership, as a poster child for what young men should be in The Bahamas.

“We don’t even know what to say because it touches us in so many ways.

“He’s smart, he is a devout Christian, he preaches, and he is involved in so many activities that help to build others up,” Rev. Knowles shared.

The teen also spent his summer as an intern in the radio department at the Broadcasting Corporation of The Bahamas before going on to be named Head Boy at QC.

He was remembered as a hardworking young man who was a pleasure to work with by corporation employees.

As news spread of Rahming’s death over the weekend, shockwaves spread through the Queen’s College community and the nation, as many shared their condolences with his family and called him a man on the right path.

When students return to school tomorrow, they will be greeted by grief counselors, according to Principal Knowles.

Investigations into his sudden death are ongoing.