Princess Court Ministries of Fort Charlotte held a parenting seminar over the weekend.

One of the speakers at the event was President of Resilience Inc. Indira Archer who spoke about the challenges parents face. She said, “feeling that they don’t have sufficient time to spend with your children because of financial obligation. Some of the ways I think parents can solve that is being more creative. For example, you don’t need a lot of funds. You don’t need a lot of money to spend quality time, give your children affection.”

Also speaking at the event was Police Press Liaison Officer Chief Superintendent Chrislyn Skippings. She told ZNS News, “we’ve always been focusing on women and trying to ensure that women are trained in all of the basic crafts that they need to be good mothers and good role models in society. But the time has come now for us as an organization to look at our males we cannot leave our males behind. And so that’s why you hear me talking about having a king’s court where we can bring the young man in, encourage the young man as well to develop the same traits that we’re saying to the females.”

Princess Court Ministries President Stephanie Frith said Princess Court is not done without parental approval. “They have to sign to be a part of the parenting seminar before the princess can join and maybe after. But it is more important to join so they can know what Princess Court vision, mission and goal is.”