The Atlantis Resort has seen record occupancy levels in the past three quarters of the year.

Senior Vice President of Government Affairs and Special Projects Vaughn Roberts expects an even better performance in the next three months. “For the fourth quarter, obviously, we’ve got a number of large groups coming in in the fourth quarter. We also have a number of specific programs we run like Battle For Atlantis late November usually takes us to peak occupancy during that period leading into Thanksgiving. And then obviously this year we’ve added the World Series of Poker event in December, December 3rd -14th that’s a large, large group and that’s going to drive occupancy quite a bit for the resort. So I think we’re now seeing that our group business is being rebuilt and we’re see that come to life in this fourth quarter where we have group business as a base and then our transient or leisure layered on top of that driving the occupancy up significantly.”

Roberts said that the resort is presently planning for 2024.