Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Hon. Fred Mitchell has recently made numerous public comments about the performance of the Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA) and its management of Freeport. In his latest statement he reassures GBPA licensees of the government’s commitment to Grand Bahama.

The Freeport License Association has organized a seminar for GBPA licensees to be held on September 11th. “They’re trying to organize licensees to put up a fight in public as if this is the government opposed to the licensees. This is a Bahamian city, this is the Bahamas government and the Bahamas government and the Bahamians in the city are all working toward the objective of making the city successful,” Mitchell said.

The Minister went further saying, “all we’re talking about is here is the issue of its ownership and control and whether or not the owners of the Port have the ability, not only to carry out their regulatory authority but to carry out the provisions of the Hawksbill Creek Agreement.”

Mitchell said there is no disagreement, on a functional level, of how Freeport is being run and that the question is should the under performance be allowed to continue.