The Baha Mar Resort hosted a culinary and arts festival over the weekend beginning on Friday.

Participants in the festival spoke to ZNS News about the experience. Artist Heino Schmid said, “the is the first Caribbean Art Fair, I think, not just in The Bahamas, in the region. So its very exciting to be participating with my peers from the region to kinda see how the work translates in the context of very like minded artists.”

Fashion Designer Apryl Burrows also participated in the festival. She said, “it’s really important to showcase what we have to offer as Bahamian and straw has elevated to a level that it just impresses me every time I see the work of vendors. The artwork that’s in the room, in the ballroom is just completely amazing. And its really just a wonderful platform to be able to showcase what we have.”

The festival ended on Sunday, October 29th.