A church service was held at Living Waters Kingdom Ministries on Sunday to launch National Public Service Week 2023.

Among the government officials attending the service was Prime Minister, the Hon. Philip Davis. In his remarks Davis said, “despite the important role public servants play in our society their efforts have not always been sufficiently recognized, their concerns sufficiently heard. This is a regrettable past but it need not be our future. Public service week reminds us the importance of celebrating our achievements, of singing unsung songs. As much as government workers experience public scrutiny so too do they deserve public appreciation.”

Delivering the sermon at the service was Senior Pastor Apostle Raymond Wells. He told congregants, “but ask yourself, what do I want for my country? What do I want our public service to look like? What do I want my contribution to the new Bahamas and the new public service to look like? Ask yourself, do I know what my contribution will be in the history of the next 50 years of The Bahamas development? Do I know what kind of public service and Bahamas I am leaving for the next generation of Bahamians?

The week of activities is being held under the theme ‘One Nation, One People, Our Public Service’.