Blockchain Business School Student Receives Computer For Successful Finish

Sarah Anderson (middle) was a happy recipient of a computer as a reward for completing a Blockchain Certificate Course offered by ConsenSys Academy, a partner of HAP – Harness All Possibilities, of which Felix Stubbs (left) is a board member. Through the Bahamas Blockchain Business School, Tyrhonda Glinton (right), a founder of FemSTEM Bahamas and Anderson completed the course. Stubbs presented the computer saying that there are opportunities in the Blockchain field for young people. Photo by Azaleta Ishmael-Newry.

Writer: Azaleta Ishmael-Newry

It is said that hard work pays off and for new Blockchain enthusiast Sarah Anderson 19, she was recently recognized for completing her Blockchain course by ConsenSys Academy through the Blockchain Business School (BBS), and virtual learning experience fueled by Harness All Possibilities (HAP). Anderson received a new computer for her unwavering curiosity, persistence and commitment to learning Blockchain and remaining engaged throughout the past year attending various virtual events.   

In 2020, the BBS team in The Bahamas presented Anderson with a data-enabled device that she and her sister used to learn remotely during COVID-19 lockdowns. Due to Anderson’s perseverance and determination to show up consistently for many of the virtual HAP events including ‘Learn Python Together!’ in the past year,  she was presented with her computer that has more hardware capacity to allow her to advance her learning.  

“I acknowledge as a co-founding catalyst of the Blockchain Business School, that our young people, such as Sarah, show a keen interest in this emerging technology and even to work so hard to make a success of themselves focusing on new careers,” said Felix Stubbs who presented Anderson with the computer along with TyRhonda Glinton, founder of FemSTEM Bahamas, who recommended the Blockchain Essentials Course to Sarah in 2020. 

Glinton continued during the year to support Sarah along with other mentors such as Ryan Austin of Bytes Bahamas, Marie-Noel Nsana and Daval Gregory, both BBS 2019 and 2020 champion mentors. Glinton, herself, received her e-certificate for Blockchain Essentials to expand her knowledge of Blockchain technology.  

Two Hundred and Twenty-Five learners across several countries had registered for the 2021 BBS Blockchain Essentials course and 10 persons, 50% females/50% males, including young learners from the Bahamas, will be selected to be part of the 11-week Blockchain Developer Bootcamp by ConsenSys Academy – which is the equivalent of one semester of a computer science degree.