The Public Hospitals Authority, Queen’s College and the Freetown Urban Renewal partnered to hold a blood drive over the weekend on the Queen’s College campus. The goal of the drive is to collection 100 pints of blood.

Event organizer, Sgt. 811 Maria Pennerman-Knowles of the Royal Bahamas Police Force explained, “hospitals are in need of blood every day. Persons from gunshot wounds, stab, persons having other chronical illness and other blood disorder, they need blood. Even those persons who are on dialysis machine needs blood. So we don’t know even when we will need blood. So in order for us to have the blood on hand, we need to do our civic duty to give the blood freely.”

Queen’s College Principal, Henry Knowles explained the school’s participation in the drive. “The amazing thing is only time you hear about giving blood is when its someone else. But when its our turn and we need it then all of a sudden we then want to call on others. So if we pay it forward, if we use ourselves in our healthy times to give our blood to help others during their difficult times, when our time comes we would be able to reciprocate, we will be able to get it back.”