BMOTA Team Returns to In-Person Business Activity at the 2021 Sun ‘n Fun Aerospace Expo


The Islands of The Bahamas is the premier and exclusive destination being featured at the 47th Annual Sun ‘n Fun Aerospace Expo, being held April 13 -18, 2021in Lakeland, Florida. Traditionally, Florida’s largest annual convention, the show usually attracts more than 200,000 persons and 10,000 aircraft. This year’s show is expected to be a little smaller, safe and covid-19 ready. The show also marks the return of in-person attendance at consumer and trade shows for the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism & Aviation’s

(BMOTA) sales and marketing team, since global borders around the world and business events went into lockdown from the novel coronavirus pandemic. The Islands of The Bahamas has also enjoyed a long-standing relationship with Sun ‘n Fun International, is exclusively promoted by the air show and usually has a group of pilots ‘fly out’ to The Bahamas at the end of Sun ‘n Fun. According to Greg Rolle, Sr Director of Verticals Market, BMOTA, “we are so excited to be returning to in-person business activity, particularly at Sun ‘n Fun. Florida is the largest market for visitor arrivals to The Bahamas.

Throughout the pandemic, when cruise lines and commercial aircraft ceased operations, The Bahamas was still able to welcome private pilots and yachters. The Bahamas is also the leader for general aviation in the Caribbean region, and these pilots showed us their love and support by continuing to visit us, even in the pandemic. The Bahamas is appreciative to them, and it is only fitting for us that we show our gratitude to them, at Sun ‘n Fun.”

“Early into the pandemic, The Bahamas was proactive in establishing public health and safety measures with strict travel entry requirements and adherence to covid-19 protocols. These bold but necessary steps requiring all travelers entering the country to obtain a negative RT-PCR test within 5 days of travel and to complete a Travel Health Visa application at have resulted in the country experiencing a low number of covid cases and visitors being able to enjoy safely, the

beauty, serenity and pristine environment The Bahamas is known for. Today, the country is fully opened, and major airlines from the United States, have resumed travel to The Bahamas,” said Rolle.

“We know that there has been a great deal of interest and pent up demand from persons wanting to travel close to home, while staying safe. The Bahamas is a mere 50 miles away from Florida and no other destination offers the proximity, level of multiplicity of destination experiences, diversity, uniqueness and safety that The Bahamas provides. As more and more persons, particularly in the United States, begin to become vaccinated and travel, we want them to know that The Bahamas is close, fun, open for business and ready to welcome them, safely,” Rolle concluded.