The results of the 2022 Boxing Day Junkanoo Parade were read by Anthen Mortimer of the Parade Management Committee at a press event on December 27th. He announced the One Family junkanoo group as the unofficial winners of the parade in the A group category with a overall score of 92.73.

Christina Fernander of the One Family group spoke to reporters after the results were read saying, “we did it for those fallen warriors and soldiers that we lost. We did it for our loved ones. We did it for our group. We did it for our community cause we are one family.”

Fernander also spoke about the group winning best music. “We have not had that music come home to us in many many years. So for us, we’re ecstatic, words cannot describe. I am very proud of my brass, my backline, my engine room.”

The Colours junkanoo group won the B group overall prize with a score of 84.40.