During the 2022 Boxing Day Junkanoo Parade the live coverage on ZNS was disrupted by Cable Bahamas with a notice redirecting viewer to their live coverage on Channel 212. Executive Chairman of the Broadcasting Corporation of The Bahamas, Picewell Forbes released a statement on the night of the event and also spoke with ZNS News.

“Their act was very injurious to us and we’re going to be asking for cost in the public square.” Forbes went further stating, “we plan to file suit a.s.a.p. with URCA and we plan whatever our legal team says we plan to file those charges and also were looking to recoup cost. Our sponsors were affected implications are there and persons are very concerned. So therefore we will be seeking legal redress on the matter post haste.”

General Manager of the Broadcasting Corporation, Andrew Burrows also spoke about Cable Bahamas competing with the broadcasts they are mandated to carry. “This is a fundament, philosophical question, is it right and fair for a service provider to also be competing in the same market with the people that its supposed to be serving, not people but entities.”