BTC Conducts Massive Fiber Upgrade in Abaco

Andre Foster. Senior Director Technology Operations

Approximately 2,000 families in Abaco will have access to BTC’s expanding fiber to the home network. The company is currently installing services in Central Pines and concurrently conducting a massive overhaul of its network in the Dundas Town, Murphy Town, and Marsh Harbour communities. BTC will extend its reach into the surrounding cays – providing access to best-in-class broadband services at affordable rates for all.

Commenting on this huge achievement for the company, BTC CEO, André Foster said: “This is a really big moment, and the entire BTC family is so proud. In 2019, we made a commitment to come back stronger and build a more resilient network and we are on
track. In February, 2020 we reopened a physical storefront in Marsh Harbour so our customers could connect with us once again. We’ve also made stellar progress as the team worked throughout the pandemic to ensure that our fiber infrastructure from Fox
Town to Sandy Point was secured underground. We’ve recently completed our upgrades in the Central Pines community and we are now installing services to almost 600 families. We are also upgrading Dundas Town, Murphy Town, Don Mackay Blvd., Green Turtle Cay and Hope Town. Our plan is to extend our enhanced fiber services throughout the length and breadth of the island and its cays.”

Residents weighed in on the fiber to the home upgrade stating that it is a welcomed surprise and are pleased with having access to superfast broadband speeds. Murphy Town resident Veancorvd Darville said, “BTC has been doing a lot of work throughout the communities. The new fiber plan is pretty good. Thank you to BTC for the powerful upgrade so far in the Abacos.”

Felicity Hield, a teacher from Central Pines said, “We just got our upgrade, I’m happy and my kids are happy! With the upgrade multiple persons can be on their devices. The kids can be on their YouTube videos, I’m able to work on my laptop and my other
daughter can watch television. We don’t have any issues with buffering. The new upgrade is fast, reliable and I encourage everyone to get upgraded. The BTC team is doing a wonderful job, we see them on the road working hard. We are very thankful to

With the Abaco fiber to the home upgrade, these customers also have access to up to 600Mbps of speed packed with television, landline and mobile services all at one flat monthly rate. Foster noted that BTC’s prices are incomparable. “We are elevating our customers’ experience with elite solutions loaded with value at affordable rates. We invite our customers to compare any of our packages with any competitor. On average our customers are getting up to 5x more speed for up to 50% less.” Abaco customers can visit or call the retail store. They can also reach out to our virtual stores at 424-SHOP/577-SHOP or visit our website to sign up for services.