Officials from the Bahamas Telecommunications Company [BTC] visited ZNS studios to speak about their masterclass event. While promoting the event Senior Marketing Manager, Carole Barnett said, “we not just selling our products and services to customers, we want to ensure that we’re able to help them grow their business. From 2019 we’ve offered our innovation conference and so now this is our first innovation small business masterclass. We’re happy to be able to offer this to small businesses to help them grow their business.”

For the event BTC engaged various technical experts to impart knowledge to those who would attend their event. One of those experts is digital strategist, Keron Rose, who said that he would be presenting on, “digital strategy, how to take your business online, how to do market research, understand your client demographics and what their all about, what they’re looking for online that way you can build your digital presence and effective market yourselves online.”

Head of the Small and Medium Business section at BTC, Teniele Simmons said what she likes about the event is, “its not just talking heads and slideshows, its going to be an in person, interactive event.”