Club Med is set to reopen in late October after a more two year closure. The government has signed a heads of agreement with Club Med to facilitate the reopening. The government intends to carry out various infrastructural improvements on the island of San Salvador to coincide with the property’s reopening. Prime Minister, the Hon. Philip Davis was on hand for the signing event and spoke of the government intended improvements on the island. He said, “we had to upgrade the water system to ensure that we are able to provide water to Club Med and the residents. We also had to upgrade the electrical system as well and the work that had been stopped at the airport has to continue and all those will be ready for the reopening of Club Med.”

Senior Vice President of Development and General Counsel for Club Med, Eileen Kett, was also at the signing and told members of the media, “we expect to bring over 15,000 international clients to the island each year. Even more importantly, reopening the Club Med there allows us to employee Bahamians. And I was talking with our human resources team just this week and we expect over 70% of the Bahamians who worked at Club Med prior to the closure to come back to San Salvador and work for Club Med again.”

The Club Med investment in San Salvador stands at more than $100 million. It is expected that 250 Bahamas will be employed at the property and third party suppliers. The property has been closed since January 2021 due to the COVID-19 slowdown.