Cuba CARICOM Summit


The Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Public Service, the Hon. Fred Mitchell is attending the CARICOM-Cuba Summit in Barbados.

While at the summit, Mr. Mitchell spoke of the impact American policies against trade with Cuba has on The Bahamas and our advocacy for their end. “In our discussions with our American friends we’ve made the point to them that there is a particular problem whenever these measures that they seek to implement on a bilateral basis against Cuba causes a security problem for the Commonwealth of The Bahamas because it forces people to flee their own country and they end up, very often, as refugees in The Bahamas. And this causes political problems in the south, in south Florida, which has often led to the physical attack of our consular services in Miami, in the city of Miami. So we’ve asked them and we continue to ask them to change the policies.”

This is the 8th CARICOM-Cuba Summit which celebrates fifty years of relations between Caribbean countries and Cuba starting in December 1972.