The Acting Deputy Comptroller of Customs, Ralph Munroe informs that revenue collection has exceeded expectations.

“It’s safe to say, from where I stand, that revenue is beyond expectation.” He continued saying, “our stats will show where we’re basically moving $100 million a month. Of course for the first quarter, we’re talking July, August, September. October also came in just over $100 million.”

Mr. Munroe says customs revenue is poised to exceed that of 2019. “I know, for instance, where we stand now in comparison with 2019, when the country was at its economic height we’re $15 million above that same period. And that is despite the fact that we’ve got Abaco and Grand Bahama with the SERZ order and all of the recent cut that the government have made in the taxation.”

Munroe says that the believes that that message that custom will not tolerate dishonesty is also contributing to the rise in revenue.