Prime Minister, the Hon. Philip Davis, Minister of Public Works and Utilities, the Hon. Alfred Sears, and other government officials toured the Nassau Cruise Port in downtown Nassau, which is currently under construction.

Chief Executive and Director of the Nassau Cruise Port, Mike Maura spoke to the staff compliment at the site saying, “today there’s about 300 people of which half are Bahamian and half would be foreign workers that are here. Our general contractor is a company called Enka but Bahamian contracting firms and labour has been involved in this project since the day we took buildings down. So Bahamians have been actively employed on the project. You’ve seen almost $300 million of investment going into this project right in front of you. All that belongs to you as Bahamians, that doesn’t belong to Nassau Cruise Port, it doesn’t belong to Global Port Holdings that belongs to Bahamians because this is a national asset and these are improvements to a national asset.”

For his part, the Minister of Public Works and Utilities said, “it will make that jurisdiction much more competitive. It also will provide a stimulus to Bay Street and also open up myriads of opportunity for the orange economy in The Bahamas.”

The Nassau Cruise Port is scheduled to open in May 2023.