Dame Marguerite Remembers Queen Elizabeth II


Former Governor General, Dame Marguerite Pindling shared memories of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II upon her passing. Dame Marguerite, who is also the widow of the country’s longest serving Prime Minister, said of the Queen, “we just saw her lively and full of life on the screen receiving the British Prime Minister and she’s gone, just like that, without telling us goodbye.”

Dame Marguerite was 24 years old when she first met Her Majesty The Queen. She further stated of The Queen, “she was funny. On my demission from office as her representative, as Governor General of The Bahamas, I took a gift with me for her. It wasn’t the most attractive gift but it was very Bahamian. It was a photograph of a swimming pig and it was the ugliest pig. I was so ashamed, but I wanted to take something that was really really Bahamian. When she saw it she said, gee what a conversation piece and she burst out laughing.”

Dame Marguerite’s interaction with the late queen spans more than five decades beginning in 1956 as wife of the Leader of the Opposition to her stint as Governor General.

Dame Marguerite says she will most remember Queen Elizabeth II as kind as she accepted a request from Dame Marguerite to have her children meet her. Of this occasion she said, “we received the okay that yes The Queen would be happy to receive my children and that really made me happy. But I’m sure she wants us to remember her, the jolly and happy side of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, who loved her people, loved her country. I would like to say to the family, we have nothing to be said about. She gave her whole life to service of her country without batting an eye, without making a false step, she took her job very seriously and she represented her country so very well. And she is loved not only by British people but by the world.”