Construction is underway on new roads on the island of Exuma. A partnership between Bahamas Striping and the government is making the $60 million project happen. Works are happening in Mt. Thompson, George Town, Moss Town and Hooper’s Bay, Exuma.

Bahamas Strip Group of Companies Managing Director, Allen Albury spoke about the project’s progress. “Exumians can be extremely proud to know that they’re getting roads built to international standards. And in instances where the roads had deteriorated in some areas to less than eighteen feet in width, where possible, we’ve been able to restore the roads back to twenty four feet across so that you get proper traffic lanes and we also added in the verges, which is five feet, on both sides of the road, where possible, to ensure that you have clear line of sight. And so, all of these improvements in addition to the infrastructure component, which includes the culverts, installation of culverts to divert water and storm drainage as well as the storm wells those are all being installed. So we’re really excited about this project and when its all done all the street signs are going to be in, the striping will be done, lines are in the road, reflective markings, I mean its going to be absolutely amazing.”

Completion of the project is planned for 2024.