Exuma Road Paving Project


The Exuma Road Project being carried out by the Bahamas Striping Group of Companies is progressing.

President of Bahamas Striping Atario Mitchell gave an update on construction saying, “right now we are coming out of the Rolleville settlement paving. We are 16.5 miles into our new contract with the government. We are looking to take a break for the Easter holidays. When we return we’re gonna continue work on the highway between Rolleville and Steventon.”

Rolleville resident Elvis Rolle gave his take on the new roads. He said, “the good thing about it is that you stop ducking the potholes. We’re driving through smoothly now and you save a lot of tires, a lot of brakes. Our cars now can be up to date.”

The Exuma Road Improvement Project is a public private partnership between the government and Bahamas Striping Group of Companies.