Family Island Farmers thanked for their contribution to produce exchange


Chairman of the Bahamas Agricultural and industrial Corporation Bishop Gregory Collie is commending farmers from throughout the Bahamas, especially those in North Andros for heeding the call of the Government to produce more high quality farm products that are being shipped to the Produce Exchange in New Providence for sale to Bahamian consumers. The chairman announced that since 2017, BAIC’s payment to farmers have increased from over $250,000 to almost $800,000 in 2020.

He said BAIC is playing an active role in making food security and sovereignty a reality in our country. “BAIC is also pleased to bring fresh vegetables and fruits from the farm to your tables and we look forward to making this happen in New Providence community and throughout the islands of The Bahamas,” the Chairman said. It has been one year since the Produce Exchange was moved from Potters Cay Dock to the Soldier Road Industrial Park.

Since moving, sales have increased significantly and our patrons have remarked that the shopping experience has improved drastically as we improve the aesthetics in that area. Since the COVID-19 pandemic there has been increased traffic into the Produce Exchange as Bahamians are realizing the importance of eating fresh. In attendance at an interview with ZNS News in BAIC’s Board Room on Tuesday, February 9, 2021, were: BAIC Board member Mr. Derek Simms, Chairman Bishop Collie, Deputy Chairman Mrs. Kim Carey-Gibson, Senior Deputy General Manager Ms. Debbie Strachan and Financial Controller Mr. Kervan Culmer. Also in attendance were Assistant General Manager Mr. Lester Stuart, Internal Auditor Mr. Gaylord Ingraham and Assistant General Manager of Human Resources Ms. Indirah Burke.