The Leader of the Opposition and Leader of the Free National Movement held a press conference on Sunday responding to the prorogation of Parliament.

The Hon. Michael Pintard told reporters, “with their decision to prorogue the House the PLP openly acknowledges their inability to fulfill even the most basic promises they made during their five year agenda announcement.  It is a clear admission of guilt.  An admission that they have let down the very people that they were elected to serve.”

Pintard went further stating, “we also find it astonishing for the government to embark on a two month hiatus from parliamentary activities precisely when the nation faces dire challenges on multiple fronts.  To take a break amidst these crises they reek of negligence and indifference.  It will not stop the work that we’re engaged in.  The Public Accounts Committee will continue to meet.”

Commissioner of Police Clayton Fernander in his capacity as Provost Marshall read a proclamation from the Governor General proroguing Parliament on the steps of the House of Assembly on Saturday.