The mother of Bahamian pilot Ryan Humes is telling the story of how her son became a pilot with Delta Airlines.

Monique McFarlane-Bain told ZNS News that Humes told her he wanted to be a pilot at seven years old.  “Back in those days the had a lounge where you could sit and watch the planes come in and take off.  And so we spent many evenings at the airport waiting for mummy to balance her books and I think that’s where the passion started.”

Ryan Humes flew his first flight home to The Bahamas from Atlanta since assuming his new possible last week.

On hand for the special landing was Deputy Director of Tourism Dr. Kenneth Romer.  He said, “Ryan was one of our success stories, I’m calling it, because he is flying for one of our legacy carriers who have an incredible print, footprint in The Bahamas.”

McFarlane-Bain encourages others to pursue their dreams saying, “there are always opportunities and different avenues you may take. Every pilot will not have the same path, right, but it starts with focusing in school.”