President of the Bahamas Funeral Directors Association is calling on the government to regulate the industry.

Kirsch Ferguson told ZNS News, “unfortunately we have no legislation governing funeral service and that’s what we’re now lobbying for to ensure that these things are put in place.  And with consultation with the stakeholders as the association and the government and auxiliary operators are able to do that to ensure that public is protected at all costs.”

Ferguson also shared the progress that has been made in their quest for regulation.  He said, “as of recently we’ve been approached by the independent body of practitioners who oversee medical facilities and the like who have been very progressive in ensuring that our legislation is part and parcel of what is going to be reintroduced to the government once again.”

The association president also advised the public on how to ensure that they receive what they pay for in funeral and cemetery services.  “In the first instance receiving proper documentation from the cemetery provider.  Secondly visiting the gravesite and updating your records as often as possible.  You have a right to be on cemetery property based on operating hours and at the same time to visit those graves at frequently as possible.  And then too for the family to keep a record as to where the location of the grave is in their own memory so that when the need arises, whenever, fifteen, thirty years from now they can pinpoint exactly where that gravesite is,” Ferguson said.

Ferguson’s comments came in the wake of the latest story of a family not being able to bury their loved one because the plot they purchased was not one made available to them for the burial.