A noted attorney on the island of Grand Bahama is calling for the construction of a remand center on the island.

Attorney Brian Hanna told ZNS News, “the actual current issue that we’re actually faced with today in the fact that we have quite a number of trials on the list to proceed with and we’re finding it difficult to actually proceed with them in a timely manner.  And this is due to the fact that we have accused persons who are detained and remanded at Fox Hill Prison.  And what happens is their not coming down when the trial dates are set and that is creating a serious problem.”

Minister of National Security, the Hon. Wayne Munroe addressed the issue saying, “the difficulty that you will have with that is that if its a remand center for the Supreme Court then the remand center would have to be a maximum security remand center with all of the cost that’s entailed in that.  To me it’s more a matter of logistics.”

The Minister suggested that augmenting the air fleet of the Royal Bahamas Police and Defence Forces as a more cost effective solution to the issue than the building of a maximum security facility in Grand Bahama.