Fifty three students of the Governor General’s Youth Award Program in Grand Bahama were presented with silver and bronze awards.

National Director, Jacquetta Maycock commended the students on their commitment. “Many of these young people would have been actively engaging in activities event during COVID. and so the idea that we’re having a ceremony where they can be presented with these awards its really an experience for them and I’m happy to be able to present it, especially now considering the work that they put in.”

Award recipient, Chardonnay Bowe says that she started in ninth grade before COVID threw she and the other participants off their path. “It feels great to finally come to a end of a very long journey.”

The awards take a minimum of six months for students 14 years or older to achieve. Achieving a bronze medal entails hiking at least fifteen miles or a two day one night exploration. Silver medals hopefuls must take a three day, two night exploration and a thirty mile hike.