Former Parliamentarian, Shane Gibson has pulled out of the race for National Chairman of the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) after nominating for the position.  Gibson has now thrown his support behind PLP Deputy National Chairperson, Robyn Lynes who is also seeking the chairmanship.

Gibson said, “when I initially nominated…I thought it would only be me and Mitchell.  What we want is we want change. We don’t just want to just run to participate, right.  And when I found out the Robyn Lynes was running and she is now the Deputy Chair.  She is now doing an excellent job as Deputy Chair.  She’s the one who gat all the branches very active right now.  She’s the one who move around and interact with them on a monthly basis.  I didn’t want to lessen the chances for us having a new Chair.  And so with three persons in a race,  I thought that it would increase the chances of the present Chair remaining in office  and that I didn’t want to do.  And so I thought it would be better to take all my support and throw it behind Robyn Lynes and that may increase our chances of actually having change in the position of Chairman in the Progressive Liberal Party.

The PLP’s 55th national convention is set for November 9th-10th at the Baha Mar Resort.