Members of Parliament were asked for comment by reporters on the allegations of sexual assault made against a sitting member outside of the House of Assembly on Wednesday.

Former Prime Minister and Member for Killarney, the Most. Hon. Dr. Hubert Minnis said, “everybody is innocent until proven otherwise. I’m only surprised that the Member has not been called in yet for questioning. Why the delay?”

Minnis continued saying, “this even makes it even more important why its essential for gender based violence bill has to be passed. Why its important for marital rape to be recognized as a true entity and passed. Rape is rape whether in marriage or relationship and these are matters that has to be dealt with and individuals should not be afraid to speak the truth.”

Minister of State for the Public Service, the Hon. Pia Glover-Rolle also opined saying, “its under investigation, I don’t know much details other than what you’ve printed. So we have to let process take its course. I think I have been on record a few times saying rape is rape. The context of the relationship doesn’t change what the definition of rape is, its non consensual sex. So its very important but what is also important is that we have conversations with all of the stakeholders.”

A member of parliament has been accused of sexual assault by a female who has lodged a complaint with the police. The allegations were made public in one of the local morning dailies. The alleged victim and members of her family have also appeared in a televised interview discussing the matter.