Members of the media were given a tour of the proposed site for the RCI beach club on Paradise Island by environmentalists.

Joseph Darville of Save The Bays said of the site, “we don’t need this protected, we need this preserved. This is already naturally preserved and therefore it should be left alone as is.”

Also on hand was former Director of the Bahamas National Trust Eric Carey who said, “we’re standing here on this crown land and I want you to imagine, all of you, thirty five hundred people, thirty seven hundred people, in fact they’re are building it to a capacity of nearly eight thousand people.”

Carey went further stating, “this project proposes a downtown bypass. I mean that’s what this does. This basically takes thousands of people who otherwise would have gone on tours. I mean you’ve seen the jeep tours that are happening everyday.”

For her part, Gail Wound, Earth Care Founder and Marine Biologist stated, “they’ll be generating waste from their activities as well as sewerage waste and where is it going to do.”

The agreement for the proposed project was announced by Prime Minister, the Hon. Philip Davis who also said that the agreement is subject to an environmental impact assessment.