Officer In Charge of the Royal Bahamas Police Force Sexual Offences Unit provided advice on how to protect children from abuse.

Explaining the case management of the special cases handled by her unit Assistant Superintendent of Police Altida Bowles told ZNS News, “we have a lot of professionals involved.  Our psychologists who are specialists doctors and our team here we allowed a senior investigator to deal with matters like this.”

Bowles further explains how investigators are able to gain information from special victims such as children. “So we have to build a rapport and put them in an environment where they’re comfortable to share information with us.  And to ensure them that what occurred won’t happen again and that we will do our best to ensure their safety.”

The Assistant Superintendent reminded guardians of abused children that it is against the law to settle such matters themselves.  “Social services is the advocated for our children in The Bahamas and we utilize them when parents don’t come forth or parents fail to report abuse of a child.”

Bowles says sex crimes are crimes of opportunity and  when children are left vulnerable for things to happen, they will happen.