The Grand Bahama Human Rights Organization is commenting on the recent sexual assaults occurring on that island. Two females were assaulted on the same night, one of the victims was a nine year old girl the other a 23 year old woman.

Human Rights Activist, Joseph Darville spoke to ZNS News about his concerns, calling for greater respect for females. “We have always relegated them to a second class status within the community. And unfortunately that has been perpetrated by both the political entities in the country and by the religious entities as well. For some reason or the other we have come to accept, for a long time, that women are less equal than men and therefore they can be used and abused at the will of anyone. And where this has probably been perpetrated upon women in the past, in recent years, it has also come way way down to even infants or young children who are female.”

Darville also said that no woman should have to deal with physical assault and that men must be conscientized.