A shanty town in the Carmichael Road area was destroyed by fire over the weekend. Firefighters were called to the scene off Bellot Road where several structures occupied as makeshift homes were destroyed.

Royal Bahamas Police Force Director of Public Affairs and Communications, Chief Superintendent Chrislyn Skippings was on the scene where she updated the media on the incident. “Firefighters responded and on arrival met a shanty town consisting of multiple wooden single story structures total engulfed in flames. Firefighters were able to bring the blaze under control within a relatively short period of time.”

There were no casualties as a result of the incident. However, residents of the shanty town complained about the response time of the firefighters. Chief Superintendent Skippings reported that, “firefighters responded, they responded with three units, all of which were filled to capacity with water to be able to fight the blaze. Initially when I arrived at the scene I heard persons who were actually complimenting the firefighters on their response time and the fine work that they did in bringing the fire underneath control within a short period of time.”