The Public Hospitals Authority (PHA) and Grand Bahama Health Services have opened investigations into the condition of the remains of a young male patient of the Rand Memorial Hospital’s pediatric ward.

The mother of the boy appeared on ZNS News this week seeking answers from hospital officials after her son’s remains were released to a funeral home approximately one month after his passing with his skin appearing to be separating from his body.

The PHA released a statement on the issue as did the Minister of Health and Wellness, the Hon. Dr. Michael Darville who spoke to ZNS News. He said, “I’m aware of the report regarding the investigation concerning the child patient who passed away at the Rand Memorial Hospital. The child would have been received by a local funeral home on Grand Bahama which has been contracted to provide morgue services in the interim of the renovation of the morgue at the Rand Memorial Hospital. I want to be clear preliminary investigations have paid specific attention to the actual transfer of the deceased child from the Rand to the funeral home. The Ministry of Health and Wellness and the Public Hospitals Authority abide by very clear and firm protocols regarding the handling of remains of loved ones. I expect a swift and thorough investigation regarding this case and a report from the PHA will be forthcoming.”