A joint sitting of Parliament was held to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the women’s suffrage movement and the role women have played in the national development of the country.

The Hon. Patricia Deveaux, who is the second female speaker of the House of Assembly, spoke during the sitting. “Today on this solemn occasion male parliamentarians will honor women parliamentarians with their silence for the most part. It is not often that this Parliament meets in joint session except for the opening of a new Parliament, at least once every five years, but this joint session is different. The last time this parliament agreed to and met in a joint sitting like this one was November 26, 2012, some ten years ago. The subject matter on that occasion was similar to the subject of our discussion today, that is to say we have assembled to pay tribute to the contribution of women in this Commonwealth of The Bahamas.”

President of the Senate, Sen. the Hon. Lashell Adderley, who herself is one of a handful of women given charge of the upper chamber also made an intervention at the joint session. “Politically, we have come a long way from 1962 but we must collectively realize that our long walk has not ended and there are many more hills to climb, many more tears to dry and loftier goals that need our immediate attention.”

The session as attended by many prominent women in the country including past parliamentarians and former Governor General, Dame Marguerite Pindling.