The Bahamas Telecommunications Company [BTC], Fusion Superplex and the ZNS Network have partnered to put on the first Junkanoo watch party.

At an event announcing the partnership, Acting General Manager of the Broadcasting Corporation of The Bahamas, Andrew Burrows said, “we’re the only network that you can see on every available carrier in this country as well as the Turks and Caicos Islands and on every social media platform. We’ve not just hit those platforms, in fact, one of our busiest days as far as social media is during Boxing Day and New Year’s Junkanoo and we expect to have tremendous numbers there as well.”

Sameer Bhatti, Chief Executive Officer of BTC and Carlos Foulkes, Chief Executive Officer of Fusion Superplex were also on hand. Bhatti noted, “if you think about BTC you think about a great network whether mobile or fixed. You think about fiber and you think about what that network brings and the promise of that network and this is just an example.”

For his part, Carlos Foulkes said, “I have to say it is my absolute pleasure to host this event with our partners ZNS and BTC. We have been thinking about Junkanoo at Fusion for a few years. We were even planning Junkanoo in the parking lot and when our partners came up with this wonderful idea of the digital experience, taking advantage of our technologies, using our cinema with the best audio systems in the country, the best visual display in the country, it just made sense.”

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