A groundbreaking ceremony was held in Gordons, Long Island for the Calypso Cove Development. Government officials as well as representatives of the development were in attendance.

Carlos Torres De Navarra, Principal and Partner of Calypso Cove said, “our project, Calypso Cove, it will be the first destination where you can say all the boxes are going to be checked off but no only for the benefit of just one cruise line but for the benefit of the entire industry. So its this multi-brand approach that is going to be unique to Long Island. So in addition to getting off the ship and enjoying the retail and the restaurants and the food and beverage areas, the shore excursions, they will be able to enjoy beach.”

Prime Minister, the Hon. Philip Davis was in Long Island for the event. He spoke to the environmental assessments being done in advance of the project. “The developer is a bit disappointed its not been completed yet, it been entrained for the last several months. Mind you, of course its a massive exercise and he’s expecting it to be completed any day now. So we’re looking forward by the end of this month for it to be completed. Well the management plan wouldn’t be complete until they have feedback from the environmental department for our government.”

The Calypso Cove project is estimated to cost $250 million dollars and will include a 200 room hotel, a cruise port as well as other amenities.

[BIS PHOTOS/Eric Rose]