Chief Executive Officer of Kraven, Kyle Albury, addressed Rotarians on the success of his business which was started six months before the pandemic began and received a boost from the need created from it. He told those in attendance at the meeting, “we’ve seen tremendous growth from our initial launch. We launched actually six months prior to COVID, so that was a very very challenging time for us, exciting but also challenging. It was the first six months, we were just working through some of the kinks of starting a new business, like any new business. But that was compounded by the fact that we had an increase in demand, three fold, in the span of a month, because my service become more of a need versus a luxury service.”

Since inception, Kraven has grown to multiple locations in the country with plans of international expansion. However, with growth comes challenges, Mr. Albury told Rotarians of the challenge of fraud and theft. He said, “I’ve seen a tremendous amount of issues regarding fraudulent activity and that’s something I think is going to increase as more companies move online. I think we as a business community really need to work with each other to mitigate this type of activities. You find a lot of the criminals now they’re moving away from going to rob a bank and going online committing credit card fraud. The risk is less for them. So that has been a major challenge for us but we’ve been working with the banks. We’ve been working with other companies to devise fraud solutions to deter and mitigate from these types of transactions.”