Mayaguana is in need of a new airport terminal. Member of Parliament for MICAL, the Hon. Basil McIntosh gave an update on the planning for the new airport terminal while in Mayaguana assessing the damage of Hurricane Fiona. He told ZNS News, “the original plan was supposed to be a part of the I-Group development. However, they are no longer here. And its my understanding that the new group, which is the Mayaguana Development, it was their plan now to take over and to do the terminal as planned. Now they do have the structural components for it however, that’s not be erected yet.”

Mr. McIntosh continued saying, “administrations came and went, came and went. Everybody was encouraged and enthused when the I-Group came up and said they would develop the island in phases and the airport was the first part of that.”

The Member of Parliament pointed out some of the deficiencies in the existing building such as leaks and said that he thinks that it is a priority for the Government.